Thank you!

Dear readers,
I’m here for three months now and I would have never expected my blog to be so popular! 500 clicks per month, that’s so perfect – thank you!

Unfortunately I did not have the time to realize every idea I had for my blog, which is a pity, as I have a lot of crazy good and maybe even not so good ideas! But in 2013 I will try a few new things, and I hope you all are with me, with your support, ideas how to make things better and – criticism! I mean how can you improve if there is no critique? Please let me know any time what you like, what you dislike and what you would have done otherwise. I appreciate every opinion – honestly. Of course I will cry a few hours after some harsh criticism, but what the hell? I am a woman, I have good excuses for being emotional! 🙂

For now I would like to wish you all the best for the year 2013, a nice evening with friends tonight and a lot of luck and happiness in 2013! Thank you for making my blog the dreamliner I never dared to dream about! Love you all!

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