I can‘ t hold still…

The English princess is pregnant, got sick and had to stay in hospital. Two people from a radio station in Australia started a joke, pretended to be The Queen, phoned the hospital and asked for information about Kate – which they got. Without any safety precautions built in to verify the caller – and the whole world laughed about it. Until…

Yes, a real drama happened. The Nurse who put the call through committed suicide. That is awful, and I was shocked, too. But all the shock, grief and anger is not really a cause to condemn the radio people. They are shocked, too – who could’ve thought that a harmless joke has this tragic consequences?

What people forget is that this pretended phone call was only the trigger for this suicide. Not the cause – no one could make the poor Australians responsible for this. But what do people want? „They should never get a job again“ – „They should pay a huge fee to the family“ – They are cruel people“. So they should be punished for this? I don’t think so!

And please bear in mind: if people do not stop to harass them like that – maybe they are the next two people hanging from a rope? Sorry to be so drastic, but so it goes. So please – let them live. They are really punished enough!

Ein Kommentar zu “I can‘ t hold still…

  1. Du sprichst mir mit deinem Beitag aus der Seele. Es ist wirklich sehr tragisch, dass sich die Kranenschwester das Leben genommen hat, aber die Hetzjagd auf die zwei Moderatoren finde ich absolut unangebracht…..und das schlechte Gewissen ist hier schon Strafe genug – es war nicht absehbar, was dieser dumme Scherz nach sich ziehen würde….

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