Ten little things

The people who know me are aware of my „retro“ obsession. Well, it is not an obsession really, but I love and cherish a lot of old things. Here are ten hints that I am really „old-school“:

– My mobile phone can send messages and calls, but nothing else! What else is there to be needed for a telephone?!?

– I still have a wonderful collection of records – yes, the black things with a hole in the middle and music on it! I can’t imagine to ever give them away!

– And even better, my car stereo has still a tape deck! With a lot of tapes to listen to…

– Speaking of cars: my precious one is older than the teenage daughter of our landlords! And still up and running!

– I will never, ever buy an electronic book reader! I do not enjoy reading from a screen…

– Scenario coffee-shop: well, they have semi-skinned soja kind of coffee with vanilla sirup and chocolate sprinkles – or simply a cup of coffee! When asked what I prefer, I chose the latter (and not the latte!). It is still coffee and not a dessert for me!

– Yes, we have the Euro for over ten years now, but I still catch myself doing calculations in D-Mark, not in Euro! It’s something my husband really hates…*g*. Imagine us at the supermarket…

– I prefer good old „normal“ coke, not the „light“ or „zero“ stuff. Why minimise the enjoyment? If I want sugar, nothing’s better than the real thing!

– I still write letters, and – by hand! I guess a lot of people don’t know how their handwriting looks like anymore!

– I use good, old maps when I’m travelling. And – yes, I CAN read them!! No electronic device tells me which direction to go!

Are there some good, „old“ things you cherish, things that your friends and partners smile about? I’m glad to hear I’m not the last dinosaur…


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